Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | July 1, 2020

God’s Care Of His Children

“You received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him, “Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15 (MSG)

Mordecai raised his cousin when death befell her parents. Esther saved herself and her people for such a time. Syrus’ daughter, Mary, lavished her riches on sin and worldly pleasures but would encounter Jesus, be forgiven, delivered and shown how real wealth is splurged. And Naomi, a woman of bitterness, would be of royal lineage through Ruth, great grandmother of David.

To every child of promise in the Bible is a person of significance. Often a parent, perhaps a close relative, but one who gave of self to raise forth the next generation. Dreams, preparation and concern were there. Countless hours teaching, listening and correcting. Sacrifice, love, support. All the ingredients of raising a child who would amount to something. Their children would lead the world to God.

As a parent, my children are constantly teaching me something. The latest tech craze, music fad or edible treat. Parenthood struggles are common as are my wonderings as to whether I’m capable of successfully landing this assignment. In addition to behavioral challenges, life comes in and throws curve balls that affect parent and child alike. The path of broken dreams bids us to wallow in despair and discouragement.

But, those of us who are Christ followers know better. Often in our most desperate circumstances and darkest valleys of the night we are pointed towards truths that sustain and provide promise that there is a purpose. A family crisis caused by we (the parents) affected our children’s schooling options. God provided in such a way that there was no doubt of His hand in the midst. Medical complications for our older son that we didn’t see coming. God provided, front and center, with shortened waiting intervals and the finest medical care. Through experiencing God’s provision, care and concern for my children, God has shown me how well He takes care of all His children, including me. Each and every detail.

So in those moments when I’m waiting for God to show up, when I wonder if He cares and when I vengefully ask how He could let this happen, let me not forget how He has shown Himself faithful, present and gracious through those I love the most: my children.

“You are my Father. May I run to Your love which is constant, enduring and strong. I stand rest assured that I am a child deeply loved by her Abba, Father.”

For His Glory

Kathryn Hayman
TRBC Women’s Life

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