Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | August 7, 2020

Missing The Truth

“And He (Jesus) did not many mighty works there (Nazareth) because of their unbelief.”  Matthew 13:58 (ESV)

Ever been there when something is simply too good to be true?  Interesting how our minds default to questioning, doubt and disbelief when good is staring us in the face.  It’s almost like a defense mechanism attempting to prevent us from being disappointed if good is less than we imagined.  So we cower, rationalize and resist the urge to trust, accept and receive the truth.

I remember this well as a teenager in my youth group.  We had a contest and earned points for being present every Sunday. If we brought a friend, we got extra points. At the end of the contest, each point would get our name into the bucket for a free 10 speed bike.  There was one stipulation – you had to be present to win.  As I sat on the edge of my seat and heard someone else’s name called, my heart sank.  Silence filled the room ­- there were no crazy shouts of joy.  No feet running up to the platform to claim the prize.  So another name was pulled and yes, again no joy, no feet – the winner was not there.  So on the third attempt, my name was called.  Totally paralyzed in my seat, I didn’t utter a sound.  This really wasn’t happening.  I’m sure I didn’t hear my name called.  When my pastor got ready to reach his hand back into the bucket, I stood up and slowly moved to the front of the room to receive my prize.  Good was staring me in the face and it felt ever so good – absolutely loved that bike!

Matthew 13 reminds us of a group of people who chose not to move towards good – actually He was better than good – Jesus was the answer to all they would ever need.  The people of Nazareth couldn’t wrap their mind around the carpenter’s son who claimed to be the long awaited Messiah.  They knew Joseph and Mary.  They watched Jesus grow up, so how could He be the Son of God. As Jesus read the scriptures and taught in the synagogue proclaiming the “good news,” the people marveled that Joseph’s son could speak so graciously.  They totally missed the truth staring them in the face, and their unbelief carried a huge price tag.

Flip through the pages of the gospels, and we will find miracle after miracle.  Water was turned into wine. The lame walked. The blind could see.  The deaf could hear and the dead were raised.  The guilty were pardoned and set free.  All because they choose to believe.

Wonder what miracle we’re missing out on because of unbelief?   Are we allowing doubts to cloud our perspective?   Unbelief is simply defined as a distrusting skeptic, and God’s word proclaims blessed are those who believe.  It takes faith to believe what we have not seen in person, but I’d rather take God at His word than risk denying His existence.

“Father, help our unbelief…enlarge our view of who You are and help us to walk in faith courageously trusting You every step of the way.”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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