Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | August 2, 2021

In Pursuit Of The Best Prize Ever


“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own.”  Philippians 3:12 (ESV)

Their performance was short but impactful.  Their chance at a Gold medal brief. The hopeful Olympian competitors make all the right moves look effortless and simple.   Perfect rotations on the parallel bars.  Amazing strokes rowing across the water.  Incredible dives in sync not missing a beat.  And that’s just a few of the highlights.  Each one desiring the Gold dangling before their eyes.

Absolutely love the moment when one who has tried so hard realizes the Gold is insight.  Witnessed the tears flowing when Hidilyn Diaz won the Philippines’ first medal ever.  For over 100 years, the teams trained, competed and went home without the Gold.  Not anymore.  Competing in the women’s weightlifting, Hidilyn made history.   Serving in her country’s air force, Hidilyn celebrated with her coaches before the award of her Gold.

Hidilyn commented to the Philippian Daily Inquirer:  “I sacrificed a lot.  I wasn’t able to be with my mother and father for many months and years.  Training was excruciating.  But God had a plan.”

Rising out of childhood poverty, Hildilyn pursued her dreams with devotion, hard work, discipline and dedication. A true athlete who knows the pursuit of the Gold comes with a price.  A true athlete who knows the pure joy of earning the Gold.

While we may never attain a Gold medal or stand on a platform representing our country,  we can be  devoted athletes seeking the highest prize of all time pleasing our God.    We’re all running our race, and just like those competing in the Olympics it will require hard work and sacrifice – a lifelong pursuit of holiness.

The key element is discipline….training which corrects, molds and perfects us. What needs to be corrected (Romans 8:5)? Mindless chatter  – allowing our thoughts to erupt into actions which dishonor God. Resistance to obeying His word.  Impure motives centered on what we deem is best.  What needs to be molded (Isaiah 64:8)? Our flawed, imperfect character which seeks its own glory.  Spiritual immaturity which settles for less.   What needs to be perfected (Ephesians 5:2)? Loveless, surface relationships with God and people. Divided devotion caught up in the cares of this world.

Sweet friends, we need to embrace discipline and welcome God’s correcting, molding and perfecting.  He alone knows exactly the transformation needed in us.  The race we are running is worth the  excruciating pain of surrender and obedience. The exhilarating joy found in the pursuit of pleasing God is absolutely worth it.  Best prize we could ever win is to hear God said, “Well done good and faithful servant  – welcome home!”


“Father,  one day I will stand in your presence.   Your face I know I will see.  Give me a holy devotion to following hard after You and empower me to finish my race well.

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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