Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | February 25, 2022

Caught Up In His Lavish Compassion

“For we are not presenting our petitions before You (God) based on our righteous acts, but based on the Your abundant compassion.” Daniel 9:18b (HCSB)

We’d probably all love to consider ourselves caring people. You know the kind who stop to reach out to others. The type of person who puts others before self. The one who gives, serves and plans acts of kindness. Sounds like someone we’d love to be….doesn’t it? But if we’re really honest, if we’re really looking self in the mirror, we’d have to admit we often fall short in the caring department. Probably not because we don’t care – more likely because we are too consumed, busy and distracted to even notice.

Take it a step deeper and we’d probably miss the mark on compassion towards those who definably aren’t doing life the way we think they should. Understandable when we consider the actions and reactions of those who turn their back on us. Never thinking twice about kindness, mercy or compassion in those moments.

Reminds me of why I so love our God. His love, mercy and compassion are not dependent on us; its simply who He is. A divine DNA of the One who perfectly considers us even in the midst of our walking away.

As Daniel confessed the sins of his people and sought God’s mercy, he was fully aware of God’s abundant compassion. He was acquainted with God’s holiness and righteousness. And for that very reason, Daniel reminded his Creator of his own sinfulness and sins of his people, Israel. No sugarcoating or denial – just simply the truth – God we are unworthy yet we appeal to Your lavish compassion.

Don’t know about you but just the thought that God would even hear my voice draws me to my knees. The One who formed us, shaped us and lavishes us with His love and compassion never turns His back or runs away. Fully aware of our tendencies to disobey, He patiently waits for our return. While God’s holiness cannot excuse away our wrongs, He mercifully extends grace to those who come humbly before Him.

Sweet reminder when caring is far from our lips – we’re all unworthy – we all fall short. Yet God loves us, reaches out to us and bestows abundant compassion to those who call upon His name.

“Father, Your compassion is fresh and new every morning. Your loving mercy is abundant. There is no shortage of grace with You.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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