Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 18, 2022

Being Different Never Sounded Better

“For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight in love.” Ephesians 1:4 (ESV)


It had been quite a while since I saw them grazing in the field. Perhaps it was the beauty of a spring sunshiny day that cast my view out the window.  Whatever it was, I glimpsed my neighbor’s cows chowing down on lunch as the sun glistened across the field. First time I had seen them since early winter and now they were within reach of our fence. A maze of big, black cows or so  I thought.  A second look, I recognized a newcomer to this bunch – a white cow with black spots – stood out like crazy. Unmistakably different from the rest. Couldn’t have missed it if I tried.

Being the same is overrated don’t you think? I mean, after all, blending in is simply blending in and we tend to do a lot of that don’t we?  Following the crowd so we don’t stand out sounds more appealing than being a lone star. However, all that blending in doesn’t always serve us well.  Coasting with the flow as long as it doesn’t compromise our convictions can be okay, but when we give in just to fit in that’s not a good thing.

Separate, different, set apart that’s God’s idea of how we should live in this world. Shining His light in a dark world yet not allowing the darkness to extinguish us.  Takes immense courage to resist the default of giving in to what everyone else is doing. Meshing in with the crowd is effortless but choosing different requires unshakeable boldness.

Keeping it real here – the temptation to grumble, gossip, exaggerate, cheat, lie, wound, etc. is as compelling today as it was in the garden. None of us are immune from the things of this world which seek to steal, kill and destroy us.  Exactly why we must guard our heart, mind and soul from influences desiring to lure us away from separate.

When we chose different, we can actually draw others to God through our obedience and conduct. The way we interact with others, even the most challenging others, speaks volumes to our world. Choosing to restrain and rethink rather than react protects us from saying and doing things we will later regret.

Bottom line if we look just like the world around us why would anyone want what we have? Simple answer – they won’t. Our lack of set-apartness is the main fueler of  the world’s ridicule and rejection of the God we say we serve. Blending in with the world leaves little room for strategic influence.

Sweet friends, let’s lock arms together and accept God’s invitation to be Holy as He is Holy. To embrace the transformation He desires to birth in us. To choose to follow His commands and love others unselfishly. To be a light – a beacon, drawing others to Him. To purposely glorify God by desiring, seeking and choosing to be distinctly different from the rest of this world.  Being different never sounded better.

“Father, You have called us to be different, set apart, exclusively yours – what an amazing opportunity to be God’s influencers to our world!”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


  1. “not allowing the darkness to extinguish us.” Great point. So many times unbelievers try to silence us — to extinguish our light. It’s good to remember they fear the light and don’t want it to illuminate their life.

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