Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | August 1, 2022

Why Just A Sliver Really Matters

“Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin! Psalm 51:2 (ESV)

Just one step out of the shower and I felt extreme pain in my heel. Immediately lifting my right foot off the floor, the pain ceased. So I attempted to walk again, but the pain returned the exact moment I placed my foot on the floor. Maneuvering to the edge of the tub, I examined my heel and felt a sliver of something sharp penetrating my heel. It was so tiny; I couldn’t even get a grasp on it to pull it out.

My first thought was, I need to wake up my husband (who had gotten home early morning from traveling). He could definitely help me, so I could finish getting ready for work. But I just didn’t have the heart to do that so I came up with Plan B.  Hobbling over to the sink, I brushed my teeth, dried my hair and put on my face – all while balancing on one foot. While this was quite an accomplishment let me just say it was tricky.  My balance was off as I swayed back and forth, and my one foot on the floor was tired of carrying all my weight. Plan B wasn’t working out too well in the long term.

As a last resort, I sat back down and tried once again to pull this shiny sliver of something out of my heel.  With breathless prayers and determination, I finally pulled out a sharp piece of metal. How could something so tiny create so much pain?

Ignoring even a sliver of a foreign substance can create devastating consequences. My imbalance could have caused me to fall. I definitely couldn’t have managed my entire day hobbling on one foot. Enduring the pain would have caused the metal to lodge further into my heel which could have led to an infection.

Sweet friends isn’t this the way of sin – just a tiny sliver of wrong creates a lot of pain and regret. Our choices big or small carry consequences and it’s not just regulated to us. Those we love are greatly impacted by our indulgence of even a sliver of compromises left unchecked. And the more we hobble around bearing the weight of our sin, the higher the consequences and the easier it is to give in to temptation.

Reality is no Plan B will work – we have to default to God’s Plan A:  Confess, Repent & Turn. Our God full of love, grace and mercy longs for us to pluck out the sliver quickly. To dislodge what is hindering our walk – the real walk revealing our actions and not just our talk. He wants us to examine our hearts and then seek His examination to reveal even a sliver of wrong thinking. Unchecked and undetected sin never resolves itself. We have to be intentional because even a sliver really matters.

Simply put, we get to choose – you and I can quickly pluck out the sliver or reap the consequences.

Don’t know about you, but I would much rather avoid pain than nurse it. I’d rather avoid the consequences than endure the fruit of my poor choices. And when it comes to those I love, I’d much rather honor God than create heartache for others.

“Father, search our hearts and show us if even a sliver of sin is sitting at our door. Helping us to confession, repent and turn quickly so we can walk in Your grace and forgiveness.”


For His Glory


Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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