Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | September 16, 2022

The Great I Am

“I Am…” Exodus 3:14

At the burning bush in Exodus 3, God reveals His name to Moses as “I am,” from the Hebrew  root ה.ו.י, which is “being.” The name YHWH derives from the Arabic term for love, desire or passion. Since the beginning, YHWH never had vowels; so it was never Yahweh as normally written or seen in today’s society.

Pronouncing YHWH is simply a breath! Yes…breathing! From the beginning of time, each breath mankind, you and I, take is YHWH. Try this exercise…breathe in (inhale) is YH, breathe out (exhale) is WH. Brilliant! In God’s sovereignty, our very breathing alone declares the name of God. Each and every breathe in and breathe out…YHWH! Without getting too deep into the process of respiration, rest assured all living organisms…humans, plants and animals breathe oxygen. Therefore, all creation testifies to the name of the Lord (Rom. 1:20).

Imagine when we breathe in taking “YH” deep into our lungs knowing the Almighty is encircling our very beings then breathing out “WH” declaring it’s because of YHWH we have our very life (Job 33:14). From the moment of creation, every Christian declaring the goodness of God, every agnostic who is searching and every atheist who doesn’t believe…breathes the same, even if unaware, in testifying to God. There is a mighty God, and His name is YHWH. Quite frankly, how can we take breathing for granted anymore? With each breath, we are made aware of the great I Am!

Our every breath is a simplistic way of realizing God has left NOTHING to chance! For the hurting…He mends. For the lonely…He’s with you. For the abandoned…you’re His. For the lost…He finds. For the weak…He’s strong. For the sick…He’s Healer. For the confused…He’s peace. For the penniless…He’s Provider. For the sinner…you’re forgiven!

Nothing has been left for chance!

“Father, You are the all knowing I Am. You have left no one or our situations to chance. We may suffer for a while, but we’re confident because of Your great love and mercy joy comes one dawning morning.”


For His Glory


Kim Lacey Shock (
TRBC Women’s Life


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