Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | December 9, 2022

Christmas Cookies…A Life Shared

“Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home.” Luke 1:56 (NIV)

Creamy butter, fresh eggs, sugar crystals, nutmeg, and vanilla – the perfect combo for Christmas cookies. Ah…for a moment my life transcends time and I’m baking those cookies for the first time while little fingers reach for mine covered in dusty white. It’s one of my faves. Why? Well, perhaps because it’s just the right balance of sweetness and melt in your mouth softness. Maybe it’s because I’ve used it forever and it works every time. Maybe it’s because it’s the easiest dough for cutting out all those stars, Christmas trees, sleighs and Santas. Maybe it’s because these delicious treats dunk perfectly in a warm mug of hot chocolate, latte or cappuccino.

Dare I share the real reason – it has absolutely nothing to do with the recipe although the cookies taste yummy. The real reason they’re so special, so treasured is the name etched in the upper right hand corner of that recipe card. Smothered in sticky cookie goodness you can barely see it, but I can still trace it letter by letter – D▪e▪b▪b▪i▪e.

A recipe shared yes, but even more delicious a life shared. Sprinkled over days of searching and seeking as a young mom, God sent Debbie –who mentored, encouraged and prayed for me. Her godliness drew me in, and her enthusiasm for God was contagious. We shared our children, swapped recipes, laughed and cried together – all incredible ingredients for two women navigating motherhood. And yes, I cherish those memories though we now live miles apart.

Mentoring and encouragement isn’t a “me” concept. It unfolded in the pages of scripture. Nestled right in the Christmas story, Luke shares the sweet encouragement Elizabeth gave to Mary, the pregnant teenager. Can’t think of anyone else who needed the reassurance of someone who too believed wholeheartedly in God’s promises. I can only imagine the conversations of these two. One beyond childbearing years yet pregnant for the first time meeting her niece who is divinely chosen to carry the Christ child. The perfect orchestration of spiritual maturity, encouragement, guidance and sweet awareness – one pouring into one another.

Every Christmas, I still pull out that faded, crumpled paper and make cookies for friends and family. Why? Because the sweetness of a friendship can only be tasted if you give it away. Elizabeth gave to Mary….Mary gave to Elizabeth. Best recipe ever for cultivating hearts united in God’s unfolding plan.

“Father, I am so blessed – help me to be a woman who unwraps the gift of friendship with grace and love.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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