Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | March 20, 2023

When Sin Breaks Our Heart

“My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law.”  Psalm 119:136 (ESV)

As a timid middle schooler, I remember the day my best friend moved away.  Leaving had never been on my radar.  All my family lived within miles of each other. Staying is what we did. The very thought of someone I loved not being present in my life was too much for this seventh grader to endure.  So, the tears began to fall and did they ever fall.  I thought I would never stop crying.

Fast forward to adulthood, and I admit there have been many tear-stained days.  Some over silly misunderstandings. Some over broken hearts.  Some over tear-jerker movies.  Some over personal defeats.  Some over deep losses. Some over nothing at all.

Keeping it real here – one thing is certain few tears were shed by me because others failed to honor God’s word.  Interesting how we choose other routes rather than sorrow.  Easier to judge others’ actions.  Easier to gossip about others. Sadly it’s ever so tempting to relish in the consequences others experience from walking flagrantly in disobedience rather than be broken over their sin.

As I’ve journeyed through Psalm 119 this year, the imagery in verse 136 convicts my spirit.  Streams of tears isn’t exactly a quick cry. Webster defines stream as a steady succession – a continuous supply – an unbroken current.  And that word current reminds us it is the swiftest part of a stream. The psalmist wasn’t simply crying and wiping away his tears.  He was deeply sorrowful over others’ sins.

Wonder how long it’s been since we shed streams of tears because people are far from God?

What does that look like in our family, at work and in our church?

Brokenness over sin versus judgment holds the potential to draw others back to God.  Brokenness over sin removes the blinders over our own sin. Brokenness fosters humility, grace and restoration.  Brokenness causes us to pivot and reexamine disobedience from the eyes of God.

If the psalmist’s streams of tears were ever flowing, I can only imagine how the heart of God breaks over His creation’s disobedience.  Why?  Because He knows obedience positions us for His blessings, protection and glory.

Sweet friends, this week we will encounter many occasions to witness our sins in full bloom. We will watch as others turn their backs on God.  So rather than default to excusing or judging, let’s do the hard thing – allow our sin and others’ sin to birth genuine sorrow.  Crying out to our God who welcomes repentance and forgives all our sins.

Father, break our hearts for what breaks Yours.  Help us to view sin from your perspective and release our tendency to judge, gossip and relish in the sin of others.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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