Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 10, 2023

When Normal Slips Away

“And with great power, the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all.” Acts 4:33 (ESV)

Stepping outside my front door, I caught a glimpse of the sun setting behind a grove of trees nothing extraordinary just the usual. The smell of freshly mowed grass and the crisp air for a moment dispelled my thoughts of a new normal. It was a usual Spring evening with birds chirping and peaceful stillness – everything was just as it should be.

Spring has always been my fave time of the year. I love watching flowers bloom and grass thicken. There’s just something about this time of year – it invigorates my soul and renews my energy. Feeling alive is a better way to describe it.

And just for a moment, I forgot all that Spring 2020 had ushered in – those long days when time seemed to stand still and nothing was normal. Children should have been going to school. Buses should slow traffic in the early morning commute. Shopping for special Easter treats to fill up baskets was how I’d much rather have spent my days. Yet, we all remember what those moments were like unpredictable, unwanted and unfamiliar. Three years later and we’re still wondering if normal will ever resurface.

Life can become different and challenging – normal may not be what you’re experiencing. In some ways that’s a good thing because our normal has a way of being distracted, busy and noisy. Our schedules may need emptying. Excuses evaporated. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable to soak in some quiet solitude but the benefits of clarity and drawing closer to God are priceless.

Flip back through the pages of scripture and you will find a group of men whose normal kept changing. For years, they lived in obscurity – simple fishermen, tax collector, doctor – you name it their lives were usual. But then Jesus came on the scene and called each of them to follow Him. Normal was gone and the journey was just beginning; their lives would never be the same. And just when they felt comfortable walking, talking and witnessing the miracles of Jesus – normal slipped away.

A cross, death and an empty tomb unveiled the beauty of a new normal. Uncomfortable, uncertain and yes fear filled – uncharted territory stood before them. Jesus died, was buried and was now alive. Would they move forward hope-filled and passionate about the gospel or slink back? These Jesus followers embraced the glory unfolding right before their eyes.

Perhaps we all find ourselves at pivotal places when life gets challenging. We’d much rather go back to the way things were, but God desires to move us to a new place – a deeper revelation of who He is and His desire to be all we need. Resurrection isn’t regulated to empty tombs – it’s the rebirth of a soul who despite a lack of normal chooses to move forward trusting God faithfully.

“Father, the empty tomb assures us of the living hope that conquers all our unknowns. We can rest confidently in You.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life





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