1. I have tried to sign up for the daily coffee break devotionals but your site won’t take my email address. My name is Nancy Crowell. My email address is: nancy.crowell@ymail.com I would appreciate if I could receive the devotional. Thanks

  2. I haven’t rec’d my daily devotion for the last few days from Just For Women – how can I restart them ?

  3. I enjoy your devotions, but is there any way to receive it in a larger print? Sometimes my eyes blur and I have trouble with small print.

    • Sherry we can add you to our email list through our church website. They come out in a larger print through that site. Let me know if you would like for me to do that. Thanks


  5. I was receiving the daily devotions regularly and now it is hit or miss or out of order. I just go to your link and read them that way,but I really enjoyed having them in my email. Not sure what the issue is.

    • Jennifer, we have experienced problems with the email software TRBC was using. They are switching over to a new one and hopefully that will solve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can also choose to subscribe to the blogsite (located on right hand side of screen) and they will come straight to your email like before. So appreciate your patience as work through this.
      Janet Martin
      Editor TRBC Coffee Break

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