Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | March 27, 2020

When We Live Well

“One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor.” Proverbs 12:26a (ESV)

Ever wondered if “right living” makes a difference? It’s so much easier to give in to self. To do what we feel like doing and not what we know we should do. It’s much more inviting to listen to our own justifications rather than seek the best of others first. It’s simply more fun to join the crowd than take a stand.

I think Solomon had something here don’t you? Our right living opens wide the door for us to intentionally impact and guide our neighbors.

Who are our neighbors? They’re the person we pass in the maze of cubicles at the office. They’re the one’s whose driveways edge our own. They’re the soccer moms cheering with us as the team hits the field. They’re the home school co-op groups gathered at the library. They’re the patient waiting for chemo as we breeze through the door.

Our neighbors don’t necessarily have to live within feet of our front door, but they are people who cross our paths in this journey called life. And we have an incredible opportunity to influence, impact, guide and invest when we purposefully choose “right living.” We don’t even have to utter a word; our choices and reactions will speak for us.

I think we all get the picture – right living is huge for others, God and for us. When we choose to obey and live according to God’s commands, we miss out on painful consequences. When we forego the wrong decision, we release our will for His own. When we resist temptation, we avoid the guaranteed hard road. When we thirst and hunger after God’s best then we are truly blessed. When we set the right example then God is honored and glorified.

Don’t know about you but it all adds up. Choose to do things God’s way and even those watching will gain wisdom. No self promotion required. No branding or platform needed. God will use our “right living” to speak volumes, and we have no idea who is watching.

Solomon was the wisest man that lived, yet he too fell prey to bypassing right living to living for self, possessions, wealth, desires, etc. And despite his wealth, it didn’t serve him well. Let’s not make the same mistake. Let’s seek God’s wisdom and choose “right living” even when it means letting go of all we desire.

“Father this world we offer us many things – rights tainted as our own – but You alone are worthy of our devotion. Help us to listen and choose well.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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