Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | August 14, 2020

God’s Healing Power

“And immediately he (the paralyzed man) rose up before them and picked up what he had been lying on and went home, glorifying God.”  Luke 5:25 (ESV)

If we ever needed healing or knew someone who did, we would move heaven and earth to get them the best possible care.  No one wants to delay, hinder or get in the way of someone getting well.  If you check out Facebook you’ll see numerous posts where people are asking prayer for those who are sick, facing surgery or dealing with chronic illnesses.  We eagerly enlist and urgently plea for those who will intercede for those who need urgent intervention from God.

Nestled in the first few chapters of Luke we read the beautiful account of friends who literally attempted the impossible for one who couldn’t help himself.  Unable to walk, he had no way of getting to the One who could heal his weakened, crippled body. Committed to bringing their friend to Jesus, they carried him on his bed to where the Healer was teaching. Despite the crowds, this group of men didn’t get discouraged; they got creative.  Up on the roof they went and aggressively labored to remove the tiles.  Not an easy task.  These tiles were most likely made of burnt clay which would require digging thru and scooping up – intense labor.  And did I fail to mention that dust and debris were probably falling into the room while Jesus was teaching.

Seated in the crowd were the Pharisees and scribes eager to dispel anything Jesus said or did.  Skeptics at best ready to prove themselves right.  Unwilling to welcome the paralyzed man’s healing, these religious leaders questioned Jesus’ authority, and He met them head on (Luke 5:22).  And the one who could not move was instructed by Jesus to rise, pick up his bed and go home.  Without delay the paralyzed man immediately responded and glorified God.  Eye witnesses to this miraculous event were amazed – all of them – and they were filled with awe.

Sweet friends there is no one who is outside the bounds of God’s love and healing.  I have definitely ventured down this path of doubt when the fruits of one’s life leaves little hope of redemption.  But the beauty of God’s healing and power is not diminished by my skepticism. Don’t know about you, but  I don’t want my questioning and faithlessness to stand in His way.  Instead of giving up and discrediting the possibilities, I’d rather hold on tight to the hope of God’s promises and do whatever I can to bring them to the One who can heal their soul.

“Father, You have the authority to redeem our lives from the deepest pits.  Help us to be hope givers who never fail to believe in Your power to heal a single soul.”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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