Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | December 21, 2020

When The Broken Are Found

“He (God) reveals mysteries from the darkness and brings the deepest darkness into the light.” Job 12:22 (HCSB)

Red, blue and green sparkled through the branches – it’s the lights that really make a Christmas tree shine. Until that obvious moment when your eyes glare into that one dark spot. Yes, it seems to happen almost every year. No matter how carefully I pack that string of lights, the inevitable occurs. And so begins the careful checking of each tangled strand and bulb until the broken one is found. Nothing more glorious than seeing the light once again dispelling dark.

2020 ushered in lots of hurting, broken ones. Difficult, strained, unwelcomed and uncertain journeys. Lives navigating uncharted paths. Cancer consuming loved ones as options are narrowed. Lives shattered by infidelity and sexual addiction flood our newsfeeds. Relationships ripped apart fallen prey to the enemy’s game seem common place. Division, anger and insensitivity give way to what seems our right of voice. Storms ravaged people’s lives leaving empty. Comfort, joy and peace so surreal to the one whose heart can barely beat. Silence of the soul appearing to drown out the wonder. Heartache grown numb so one can simply survive.

To those who know the broken ones – be faithful, loving and kind. Let’s do all that we can to help and then do even more down on our knees. Pray unceasingly (Ephesians 1:16, Colossians 1:9). Choose to judge not and forgive big. Release rights and welcome grace. Extend margin and gather often. Offer simple indulgences. Prepare meals. Text scriptures. Share our broken places and God’s redeeming work. Whisper God’s love daily not just in word but in deed.

To those who find themselves the broken one – be encouraged – we’ve all been broken. Our Savior came for ones like us. He never gives up. He never walks out. He stays even in the aftermath of hurtful anger, frustration and woundedness. God sees, knows and hears. He completely understands our sorrow and tangled mess. And yet, right in the midst of our darkest places, He longs to birth the most beautiful light (Job 12:22).

Be found dear one – drink deep of His love and choose to believe. There’s nothing more glorious than seeing the light dispelling dark when broken ones are found.

“Father, You search for the one. You relentlessly pursue the one. You welcome the broken one to find hope and healing in You alone.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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