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Miracles Upon Miracles

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27

Have you ever considered how many miracles had to happen in order to get to the miraculous birth of Jesus?

After the fall, God provided the animal coverings for Adam and Eve. Then, God spared Noah’s family and all those animal pairs in a boat, preserving both humanity and the animal kingdom. And then He spoke to a pagan from what is now modern-day Iraq and told him he would be the father of many children— God’s people, oh wait…also, he and his wife were also old people…I mean really old people. THAT was impossible. But it happened. God helped their children and grandchildren through infertility and various other trials to conquer the impossible and keep His promises to keep this family growing. He saved His people from slavery and from drowning by first saving their leader, Moses, from drowning or being killed as a baby. He gave victory to His people through the courage of a prostitute named Rahab, who would be listed in His family line one day. He rescued a widow and her mother-in-law by making that prostitute’s son her kinsman-redeemer. He brought His exiled people home from distant lands. He brought another baby to another barren elderly couple named Zechariah and Elizabeth. And then He miraculously placed His own Son in the womb of Mary— the young virgin cousin of that elderly woman, Elizabeth…both women experiencing dumbfounding miracles at both ends of the age spectrum.

God is a miracle worker. In the authorship of His story, He sees what looks impossible to us and pens more of the story than any of its characters could ever have dreamed of while tying those individual stories into the rest of His story…the rest of history. Without the first miracle, there couldn’t have been the second miracle, and the third miracle, and on and on. God’s miracles mirror the intentions of His heart: to rescue, restore, and redeem His people.

My story holds miracles and yours does, too, because it’s written by the author of miracles. The greatest miracle of any of our stories, of course, is that of resurrection. The miracle of Noah being spared in that boat is our miracle, too. The miracle of God overcoming infertility to establish His people is integral to our story, also. The miracle of Moses being spared from drowning waters and violent hands so that he could lead his people out of slavery on dry ground is woven into our own stories. The prostitute who gave away the most intimate areas of her life choosing to submit every bit of her being to the God who wanted every part of her being is our story, too. The unlikely kinsman-redeemer is a miracle for us, too. The rescue from distant lands and still being identified as God’s people and being brought home matters to each page of our stories as well. Life coming to barren places and life coming to every area of the wide-open pages of our stories are fundamental themes of our stories, too. Each of these miracles is connected to the miracles of our own lives because we are all connected, and God wants to reconnect with each of us.

The miracles keep building upon each other to point us to the greatest miracle. One day, all miracles will be finished, and we will live the miracle of a resurrected life with Him eternally in Heaven if we have accepted the gift of Jesus’ greatest miracle— overcoming sin and death through His bodily resurrection after dying on the cross.

When you consider the miracle of the virgin birth of Jesus— God’s own Son this Christmas season, consider all the miracles it took and then all the other miracles it took to give your heart the greatest miracle it’s ever known…resurrection from the death that sin brought.

“Lord, Help us to stand in awe of the miracles upon miracles You’ve done to rescue us and restore us to fellowship with You.


For His Glory

Emily P. Meyer (
TRBC Women’s Life


  1. Thanks for this post. It’s good to reflect on the miracles God has done in our own life. His grace is amazing.

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