Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 27, 2022

When Your Reach Isn’t Long Enough

“…with a strong hand and an outstretched arm, for his steadfast love endures forever…” Psalm 136:12

The other day, my sick little boy asked me, “Mom, can you please get my water because your arm is longer than mine?”

It took my breath away because I immediately understood something from scripture that I’ve spent years trying to comprehend. I’ve always wondered why there are references to God’s “outstretched arm” and “righteous right hand” throughout scripture. I knew it was important, but it didn’t really click as to why. But now I know: we need to know about the outstretched arm and righteous right hand of God because we need to know we can ask Him to reach what we cannot reach, hold what we cannot hold, pay for what we cannot pay, save what we cannot save, and help what we cannot help.

God’s arms are longer than ours and can reach what we cannot reach to give us what we need moment by moment.

He is mighty to save and His righteous right arm can go far beyond our immediate surroundings and supplies to rescue us and sustain us with all His benefits.

As my arms are longer than my son’s, our Heavenly Father’s are longer than ours.

Like my son came to me with a foundation of trust, knowing that I love him, as children of God the Father, we can come to him with a foundation of trust and a knowledge of His enduring, faithful, perfect love.

He knows just what to extend His arms for in order to give us victory in our lives.

And it all comes from the foundation of love and trust that He has demonstrated to us over and over again. He is trustworthy. He knows how to direct us out and through. He has the power to rescue us like no one else ever could. He has the ability to heal our illnesses— both physical and spiritual. He has the comfort to hug us with His perfect peace. He has gentle hands to catch our tears and wipe them away. And of course, Jesus’ outstretched arms upon the cross reached throughout eternity to offer us the gift of salvation. His arms can reach whatever we need because His hands made us and also all the resources we could ever need. His outstretched arms meet the need because HE is our need.

These days, there’s much to bring to the Lord, for which our arms are not long enough. As I bring my needs to Him, I’ve got a fresh way to ask Him to intervene: “Lord, can you please help because your arms are longer than mine.”

His arms are longer than yours, too, friend. Come to Him and ask Him to reach what you cannot reach.

“Lord, thank You that Your arm is mighty to save and that Your steadfast love lasts forever. Will You reach what we cannot reach today?”


For His Glory


Emily P. Meyer (
TRBC Women’s Life


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