Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | February 16, 2022

Love Languages of God

“As we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:18, ESV)

Throughout the month of February, it’s common to see red and pink hearts throughout the stores wherever you go.  The stores strategically place them on their displays to prompt you to buy something for people you love. But buying a gift isn’t the only way to show someone you love them.

If you’ve ever heard of Gary Chapman, then you know he has written numerous books about love languages. He’s broken them down into 5 basic love languages for adults and children.

While I love to receive pretty packages, all wrapped up in bows; I am much more drawn to quality time with the ones I love.  When it’s time to do something with the extended family, I go all out in the hospitality area.  I want everyone to feel comfortable and loved.  I want them to  relax and enjoy themselves.  It’s how I show my love, but it also fills my love tank to have everyone together laughing and smiling.  That memory will last much longer than the gift. In fact, I will have that memory with me in eternity, but I won’t have the gift.

Nothing in this world will last.  Jewelry will tarnish, flowers will wither, even our bodies will age and deteriorate in time.

When we’re on this earth looking at things through our physical eyes, sometimes we get caught up in what we have and what we don’t have in comparison to others.  We may take hold of the lie that “we’re not loved” simply because our lives don’t look like someone else’s.

Romans 5:8 reminds us that we should never doubt that God loves us, no matter what our past may hold.

He’s given us thousands of verses (words of affirmation) stating things like “you are beautifully and wonderfully made”.  (Psalm 139:13,14)

Are you spending quality time with him – turning off the phone and other distractions and spending time in His Word (that’s how he speaks to us).  When was the last time you had a heartfelt (sincere) discussion with God?  That’s what prayer really is, just talking with God -about the things that are on your heart.  Communication is essential for any relationship.

God lavishes us with gifts on this earth even though it won’t last.  But the best gifts are yet to come.  Heaven and earth no longer separated by sin will be united.  We will live in perfect, immortal bodies on a new earth that will last throughout eternity.

“Jesus, help us to live by faith and not by our sight.  Your love for us goes deeper than we can see in this life.”

For His Glory

Laura Holmes   (
TRBC Women’s Life

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