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When Warnings Are Ignored

“And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart had turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice and had commanded him concerning this thing that he should not go after other gods. But he did not keep what the Lord commanded.”  I Kings 11:9-11 (ESV)

“Don’t” is the proverbial word attached to almost everything. If the doctor gives us a prescription it comes along with a label telling us what not to do – don’t drive when taking this medication or don’t take it on empty stomach.  Buy a new appliance and the directions scripted in the tiniest writing tells us to not use abrasive cleaners or make sure you don’t overload a circuit. All warnings are intended to be followed with one goal in mind – to prevent injury or adverse reactions.

Sprinkled through the pages of scripture, God clearly outlines His warnings. Words to pay attention to. Commands to obey and not disregard. Red flags to watch for and alarms that should keep us from moving in the wrong direction. Signals to caution our actions and reminders to be on guard. All perfectly designed to prevent and protect us from the devastation found when we ignore His words.

At a pivotal time in Solomon’s life when he should have been celebrating all God had accomplished, his heart ran after other gods. God had answered Solomon’s sincere prayer for wisdom, understanding and discernment. His wisdom far surpassed all the people and other nations who knew of Solomon’s knowledge. God blessed him with great wealth – something he never asked for and right in the midst of all those blessings,  Solomon disregarded God’s warning.   He built quite a dynasty for himself with mighty war horses, grand possessions,700 wives and 300 concubines from other nations.  I Kings 11 reminds us of God’s warnings to Solomon twice, and yet he didn’t keep God’s commands which ultimately resulted in a divided kingdom.

Kind of puts warnings in a different light doesn’t it? No one wants to experience the deep regret and sorrow of sin. Choosing to obey God’s commands ushers in joy filled blessings, and His warnings are specifically designed to protect us from the adverse reaction sin births. However, God will never force our obedience – the choice is up to us.

“Father, You lovingly caution, warn and teach us about the dangers of sin. Help us to lean into Your wisdom and chose to obey Your commands.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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