Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 15, 2022

Don’t Let The Enemy Steal Away Your Persistence

“Pray always and not become discouraged.” Luke 18:1b (HCSB)

Pacing through my living room, list in hand I rehearsed words that seemed to evaporate in thin air. Over and over again, I begged and pleaded for those who desperately needed God’s intervention. Despite my urgency, the people I prayed for strayed further and further away from God.

Ever found yourself there when praying evoked discouragement, disillusionment and a desire to simply give up? We’ve probably all experienced the heart wrenching doubt seizing us when situations get worse instead of better. The list became longer, the prayer time extended. We even offer solutions just in case God needed a little nudge in fixing it all. Despite our weariness and frustration, we kept hanging in there determined to not let the enemy win out – prayer was the only thing we could do.

Picture in your mind the last time worn out knees kissed dusty floors and tears flowed freely. Remember the passion and persistence hovering in a voice totally unafraid to ask one more time. Convinced God was the only answer, the only One who could turn things completely around.

My mind doesn’t have to travel far to recall moments like that – I can still hear the sound of weary feet hitting hardwood floors. I see trembling hands clutching soaked index cards scribbled with names and words. All for ones who had slipped away and entertained wrong voices. So much I didn’t know. So little I couldn’t do. My go to statement repeated was simply, “God, please send someone, anyone who can speak into their life.”

Little did I know in that moment God was crossing paths – uncharted territory divinely orchestrated and perfectly timed. A lady on a plane who wasn’t too busy to notice a passenger hurting deep inside. Started a conversation….an answer to my prayers. As quietly as she entered the scene, she left but not without giving away her Jesus Calling book to one who needed Jesus more than she could have ever imagined. And the road back slowly began.

Wonder what would have happened if I decided silence was my answer? How would the story have ended if I gave into the emotions of the moment and stopped asking?

Luke 18 unfolds a beautiful telling of a widow whose persistence before the unjust judge resolved her situation. Unlike any of Jesus other parables, He defined His point at the beginning – “Pray always and don’t become discouraged.”

Sweet music to one who thought everyone had given up on them. Fresh tears in remembrance of all our loving and graceful God did to bring one home.

We all grow weary, exhausted and tired……but don’t let the enemy steal away your persistence. Keep praying, trusting and seeking even if old eyes never witness on this earth the revelation of what God is redeeming. He is the Faithful, righteous judge who can be trusted with those we love.

“Father, I hope I never forget those days…when sorrow reigned and brokenness kept me at Your feet. Praising You for divinely doing what only You could do – rescuing the lost.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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