Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | May 11, 2022

Standing In Faith

“Any who believes in him will never be put to shame.” Romans 10:11 (NIV)

God told Noah to “make a boat” (Gen.6:14). Isn’t it like God to assign a task that looks absolutely impossible by human standards? Not to mention taking approximately 100 years to accomplish. During this time no one had seen a drop of rain. The earth was being watered by a mist coming up from the earth (Gen.2:5-6). The Bible doesn’t specify Noah being ridiculed. However, take into account no rain, ungodly humanity and Noah’s warning of pending judgment. I believe it’s safe to assume Noah had scoffers (2Pet.2:5).

Imagine Noah applying the last of the tar (Gen.6:14), the animals coming in the ark and God shutting the door (Gen.7:15). Noah waiting…anticipating God’s faithfulness, and then the rain droplets begin to fall. I wonder if Noah let out a huge sigh of relief. Noah’s faith was in God’s word and not in the tangible natural. Noah believed then obeyed, and God kept His promise of keeping Noah and his family safe.

Has God told you to do something that made you look foolish, but you knew to do it anyway? Has God given you a vision of something bigger than yourself? Something that did not originate with you but has been residing in your core being. God is not calling you to make “it“ happen or put it together with your human resources, but we will need to act on His instruction.

God understands…He knows for that “thing“ to be accomplished it will take His power (Zec.4:6). His divine intervention, His leading, and His faithfulness to bring that bigger than life vision to reality. He is calling us to have faith and believe.

When we believe, we are standing on our faith concerning the vision is going to happen. The vision will drive our actions. God will be the one who brings it to pass. We are not the biggest part of the equation…God is! He chose you, selected you, called you, purposed you, equipped you. God predestined you for something bigger than yourself. God can use anything…a donkey, dead bones or an ark, but God loves to call people into something much bigger than our natural capabilities. It’s our choice to believe, follow and act.

“Father, we believe You regardless of scoffers or how long and how hard the journey may be. We stand in faith like Noah along with other women and men throughout the Bible putting our faith to work. What You have spoken over our lives…in time…is yes and amen.”

For His Glory,

Kim Lacey Schock (
TRBC Women’s Life


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