Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | June 13, 2022

The View

“For how great is His goodness, and how great His beauty!” Zechariah 9:17a

We had this like really big, yellowish green bush that for the past few years had grown into an even bigger ugly bush. There were two of them actually located on each end of our garage building. For years, I’ve wanted these monstrous bushes gone. Why? They were overtaking my other flowers and towered all the way up to the gutters on our garage. We did absolutely nothing to foster this growth, yet these bushes thrived all on their own.

Memorial Day weekend, my sweet husband got out the power saw (yes it took the power saw) to finally cut them down. The pile of branches and debris was huge, heavy and messy. Most amazing thing is now I have a totally unobstructed view of my coral bells in full bloom right out of my kitchen window. Never knew that view was possible, but I love it.

Lots of things can obstruct our view of the beauty lying all around us. Challenges often cloud our view.  Consuming our thoughts and draining our energy. Disappointments can extinguish our view. Zeroing us in on regrets, missed opportunities and eliminating the possibilities. Busyness can attempt to dismiss our view. Creativity doesn’t even get a chance to bloom in the whirlwind of continuous activity.  And the longer we entertain those challenges, disappointments and busyness, the bigger they get and the smaller our view gets. Only when we intentionally determine to move what’s obstructing our view can we see the beauty that was already there – God’s daily provisions to encourage our souls.

Flip through the pages of the Old Testament, and we’ll find the Children of Israel released from slavery – freed at last from the bondage of Egypt. Yet ever so quickly their eyes were consumed with what they lacked to the point they couldn’t see all God was providing for them. Hadn’t He already guaranteed their deliverance? Didn’t He bypass their homes when the infants were slaughtered? And then there’s the miraculous parting of the Red Sea – every one of them marched through dry as the waves stood back.  The challenge of going through the wilderness obstructed their view of all God had done and was continuing to do on their behalf. All they needed was provided for them and the beauty of the Lord surrounded them to ensure their safety. Yet complaining and accusations quickly echoed from their lips. This is exactly where we can land if we allow challenges, disappointments and busy to obstruct our view.

Life will never be challenge free, disappointment free or busy free – it’s the normal occurrence in our everyday world. But when we choose to not allow things and situations to obstruct our view then we can maneuver through them while enjoying the daily beauty lying all around us. Simple pleasures we would have otherwise overlooked. God’s protection. God’s presence. God’s breathtaking creation rising up to praise Him even when our voices are silenced.  Best view in the house is the view that chooses to embrace God’s beauty in everyday life regardless of our circumstances.

“Father, how blessed we would truly be if we chose to see Your beauty rather than zero in on our everchanging world. Help us to remove the obstacles and strategically chose to open our eyes to the beauty You have orchestrated all around us.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life



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