Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | July 4, 2022

Choosing Freedom

“And God spoke all these words: I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” Exodus 20:1 (NIV)

A personal God who intervenes on behalf of His people – who could ask for more? His desire is release, freedom and deliverance so that we can enjoy the abundant life. Who wouldn’t be empowered to seize their Promised Land? Yet the Children of Israel seemed reluctant to embrace the road to freedom. God alone was the One who knew every detail of their past. He saw them getting caught in the snare; He witnessed their wanderings, bargainings, and complainings– yet God excused none of it. They didn’t move out of their bondage due to a twelve-step program, diligence, or discipline. They moved out because God’s mighty hand led them out.

Even on the freedom road, the Israelites often cherished the memory of the very life that kept them enslaved. Selective memory erased oppression when traveling in the wilderness became hard. Despite God’s daily provisions, they always wanted what they had left behind. Perhaps the fear of tasting and walking in true freedom was more than they could even imagine.

Sound familiar? Aren’t we guilty of looking back and seeing the good, while God looks back and sees the path to destruction? We feel more comfortable with our norm bondage than the release of those chains holding us back. We stay stuck, unmovable because fear keeps us locked in place. The fear of experiencing something so much bigger and grander than we could have ever imagined. The fear of letting go of what doesn’t serve us well for what will serve us greater. The fear of having to do the hard work of trusting and obeying as God transforms us one step at a time.

Redeeming His relationship with us, God proves His power to lift us up and beyond the remnants of our sinful past; however, God isn’t just the God of the past. He is in our present and our future. He knows what it will take for us to reach our Promised Land and some of us won’t pay the price. We will settle for Egypt and choose slavery to past sins, habits, devastation, heartbreak, etc. And when we do, we will miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Father, transforming our lives is the goal of Your deliverance. Teach us to grab a hold of Your hand and cherish the freedom You offer.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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