Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | November 28, 2022

When Today Looks Different

“You know when I sit down and when I get up. You know my thoughts before I think them. You know where I go and where I lie down. You know everything I do. LORD, even before I say a word, you already know it.” Psalm 139:2-4

Baby it’s cold outside! Can’t believe last week, I was enjoying my happy place – warm sunshine, beach walks and bike rides. Totally different today. Can’t seem to shake off that chill and my toes covered up in socks and boots are missing the sand. The drastic temp change has sent my body into shock.

Reality has a way of waking us up fast. Smooth sailing can quickly turn into an unexpected downhill slide. Our easy stride crashes into hurried chaos without time to prepare. Not exactly what we planned or predicted can seep in and steal away our calm. Life today can look so different than yesterday.

We’ve probably all been there – the moment when the surprise isn’t a happy one. The time when our life stands still and everyone else is moving on. The thing we dreaded the most appears out of nowhere. Baby, it’s cold inside too.

Love the sweet promises of our Jesus to never leave us or forsake us. Captivated by the way He draws near to the brokenhearted and puts a new song in our hearts. Cherish the way He collects our tears and binds our wounds. Swept away by His patience, mercy and grace when our emotions overwhelm us. Amazed by His tenderness and whispers that calm our unslept night. Adore His words pouring deep wells of truth into our souls, despite the enemy’s lies.

While today might be totally different, unrehearsed and unwanted it’s never a surprise to our God. He is fully aware of all that touches us. Our unchanging God stands with us, weeps with us, holds us and understands even when our voice can’t give words to the sorrow raging in our souls. Aren’t you glad we don’t endure this life alone? We are forever in His sight – nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Sweet friend don’t know if happy is your place right now or difficult has invited you in. But there is one thing I know for sure; our God is faithful and true. When others walk out; He comes to stay. When difficult submerges us, He is our sustaining hope. And when the storms lift and the cold moves out, He will be the first one to say, “I knew you would make it.”

“Father, You are the only one who sees all, endures all and yet loves extravagant. Love the way You journey through life with us.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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