Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 5, 2023

Historic Moments

“It is He who changes the times and the epochs.” Daniel 2:21 (NIV)


To make history is to do something that is remembered in or influences the course of history. People can make history. Since October 30, 2022, the people of Brazil have been in the streets to bring awareness about the corruption that has been eating away at not just the monies of the treasury, but (even more worrisome and dangerous), the freedom of the people. The colors of the flag, green, yellow, blue, and white have been worn in what seems to be a sea of patriotism. People kneeled in the streets and prayed together for justice and for the right to keep their nation free from corruption and robbery.

Sometimes, nature makes history as well. This holiday season, I drove to Buffalo, NY, to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my youngest son and his family. Little did I know I would be part of a historical time in Western New York, as a severe blizzard blasted Buffalo and its adjacent towns with snow and ice, while also blowing 50 to 60 MPH winds. While snow is beautiful, too much of it at any given time, especially when accompanied by harsh winds, can become a dangerous thing.  Fortunately, the winds are dying down and the temperatures are not so low in the negatives starting tonight. It seems like the worse is over and the clean-up is going to start.

As for the people of my native Brazil, faith has been the foundation for their strength to remain in the streets for nearly two months, accompanied by the elderly and young children. We pray justice will prevail and corruption will be brought down.

Two very different places; two very different demonstrations of history being made. The strength of the people of both places is shown by how they react to adversity. In both cases, clean-up is necessary. In both cases, the community needs to stick together. And in both cases, God is their source.

“Father, Your people cry out to You. We believe in You. Always. Thank You.”

For His Glory


Luska Natali
TRBC Women’s Life

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