Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | January 16, 2023

Why “Keep” Is Crucial

“Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, who seek Him with their whole heart.” Psalm 119:2 (ESV)

What’s your inspiration for the new year?  Are you a resolutions/goals kind of girl?  Perhaps you’re one who selects a special word as your focal point.  We’re halfway through the first month and it’s the time when people are tempted to let their yearly inspiration deflate.  Why?  Because it takes courage, discipline, hard work and consistency to row forward day by day.

Ushering in new habits isn’t easy.  We’re so accustomed to “same” us that the possibility of “new” us derails us.  Far easier to slip back into our norm than press forward.  But if we are keeping it real here, settling for anything less than our inspiration leaves us facing regret.

Several goals hit my list for 2023 so I wasn’t even thinking of or considering a special word.  Can’t say the same for God. He knew exactly where I needed to focus. He’d seen my list because we’d had a long prayer session, and it wasn’t that God didn’t approve – He just had something better in mind.

What’s my word?  “Keep.”  You got it. Right in the midst of decluttering and throwing things away, God redirects my attention to “Keep.”  Confusion was definitely written across my face until I remembered where my Bible study had taken me.  Settling into Psalm 119 for the last few weeks, I’d read the word “Keep”  twenty-six times (ESV).

When I think of “Keep,” I naturally default to saving, holding on to and definitely not throwing away.  Webster even gives us a look into the depth of “Keep” such as retain, take notice of, faithful, maintain, preserve, stay in accord and watch over – the list was endless.  All great descriptions especially since Psalm 119 zeros in on the importance of God’s word.

As much as I love Webster’s thoughts, the Hebrew for “Keep” is what mesmerized me.  “Keep” means simply to conform.  The Psalmist’s references to “Keep” were strategically placed to compel us to be doers of the word and not just hearers.  To allow God’s words to shape, mold and transform us.  Yes, we should cling to, memorize and meditate on His words, but all of that is in vain if we don’t let them change us.

2023 – another year of old me or a new year of a changed me?

I think God’s best far outweighs any goals or resolutions I could ever attain.  He knows that when my ways align with His ways then everything else will fit together.  When my heart and soul reflect His then the changing of me will be absolutely beautiful.

“Father, 2023 will unfold one day at a time offering us glorious opportunities to seize those moments to treasure, know and keep (conform to) Your words. Praising You for teaching us to welcome Your transforming work in our lives.”


For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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