Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | March 24, 2023

When We Entertain The Edge of Falling

“So whoever stands must be careful not to fall.” I Corinthians 10:12 (HCSB)

Ever tried to stand on one foot only to cave quickly? Despite our determination to stand firmly in one place, our weak muscles win out. And that crash to the floor isn’t pretty or fun. Embarrassed, we quickly get back up dismissing our attempt because we just knew we were stronger.

Hard to admit our weaknesses. Hard to dismiss our failings. Even harder to confess our inability to stand firm. Bet we’ve all been there when we entertained a not so good option totally convinced we wouldn’t cave in. Probably experienced proud moments too confident we were above tipping over the edge of someone else’s tempting moments. Dare we even admit those times judging others puffs us up to a perceived higher status that would “definitely not do the same.”

Weak moments where we count on personal strength never serve us well. We need God’s Spirit empowering us to stay on course, so we won’t give in when personal desires attempt to derail us. We need awareness of our inability to stand firm by ourselves. Smart women guard their hearts and cover their minds with the truth of God’s Word. Wise women invest in strengthening resolve and strategically choose to avoid the potential of sin dragging us down. Humble women admit their weaknesses and avoid leaning on self or pretending they’ve got it all under control.

Bottom line sweet friend, we want to stand. And part of that standing requires awareness of how easy it is to fall and how quickly we can lose our footing. Holding on tight to our God is the only way to journey through life. Resting confidently in His strength to see us through. Perfection we will miss on this earth, but blameless we can achieve if we stay close to Him.

Keeping it real here – let’s tackle that one thing consistently seeking to pull us down. Let’s surrender it at the feet of Jesus and determine to not take it back. Let’s pray daily for protection, wisdom and discernment in weak moments. Let’s not boast but rather admit we need God desperately to keep us standing firm.

“Father, give us your eyes to see the potential of slipping before we entertain the edge and fall. Help us to draw strength, stability and firmness from You and not trust self to get us through.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life


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