Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | March 30, 2023

A Culture of Worry

“Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life…” Matthew 6:25 (NKJV)

I recently found myself nervous about several situations all at once.  Despite Bible study, prayer, worship, and a little too much talking things over with my husband, I was still worried.  In the end all three of the circumstances worked out for the best.  As they usually do.  Sigh.  Cue the guilt for lack of faith.  Double sigh.  I began to ponder, “Why did I go through this cycle…again?!?”  It came to mind that there are a number of possible reasons:

  1.  We live in a culture of negativity. We have 24/7 access to the news and most of it isn’t so great.  It can easily lead us to fear and worry.  We can’t do something about everything, and we shouldn’t sit around worrying about it all.  Instead, we need to recognize what we can help with and spend more time focusing on our blessings.
  2.  We live our lives too publicly.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  Pinterest.  We can’t possibly live up to the expectations we set for ourselves.  So what if someone doesn’t think you look thin enough, if someone doesn’t like your haircut or if someone doesn’t agree with your post?  We worry too much about what others think.
  3.  We actually don’t rely on our faith enough.  While I refuse to feel guilty when I am forgiven, I do believe there are times when I worry because I am not focusing enough on my faith.  I can do all the “right things” such as praying and Bible study, but am I really focusing on the truth of God’s word and His will?

Knowing this information won’t actually stop me from worrying.  Instead, I have to stop focusing on the negative.  I have to stop being concerned about what others think about me.  And I must trust in God.

“Dear Lord, Please forgive me for the times I worry because You have told me there is no need to worry.  Please help me to trust in You more and worry less.”

For His Glory

Laurel Shaler (
TRBC Women’s Life



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