Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 3, 2023

Why Clear Vision Is Essential

“Open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.”  Psalm 119:18 (ESV)

Blurry, distorted and tired.  Those words describe my vision two months ago.  It started simply as an itchy eye.  One that I supposed was due to warming temperatures and early pollen. The more I rubbed my eye, the worse it felt.  Attempting to treat it myself with warm compresses and gentle washing, I found nothing truly was working.  Weeks later, I woke up with not only a very sore, red eye but there was major swelling in my sinuses.  One look in the mirror and I was finally convinced I needed to call my eye doctor.

Antibiotics and eye cream were prescribed, and I was wondering why I delayed.  Not sure how I thought my eye and vision would improve without some intervention.  What seemed insignificant ultimately resulted in a nasty infection not only to my eye but to my sinuses as well.  An ignored issue never usually resolves itself – it simply spreads.

Clear vision is essential especially when it comes to spiritual growth.  Wonder how many times we have overlooked  what God was clearly attempting to show us?  Or worse, how many times have we distorted God’s truth because we didn’t want to see what He was revealing?  Just keeping it real here but we probably could all relate to moments when we were blinded to our sins.  Failing to remove the scales of excuse and denial so we could see what God sees. One intentional, honest look into the mirror and we’d realize how much we need to behold God’s truth.

Have to admit it’s much easier for us to quick read our devotions rather than let God’s word sink deep into our soul.  Busyness, distractions and avoidance keep us from lingering long at His feet.  And sweet friends when we choose to dismiss or minimize His words it will never serve us well.

Totally love the psalmist’s words asking God for open eyes to behold the wonders in His word.  To examine closely with perfect vision and clarity what God’s truth teaches.  To lean in and slow the pace so He can lead us as we unpack the meaning, instruction and guidance found throughout the scriptures. Uncovering hidden nuggets just waiting to be discovered. Incredible faith journeys longing for us to glimpse how God worked in the lives of His people. No wonder the psalmist desired open eyes.

Blurry, distorted or clear and focused – the choice is up to us.  The next time we open God’s word, let’s determine to truly seek Him. Let’s ask Him for open eyes to see His truth. Let’s ask God to remove the blinders and enable us to see what He has for us.  Let’s ask Him to unveil the wonders of His words leaping off the page.  Can’t think of a better way to approach God’s word than asking for His help.

“Father, You desire to show us incredible wonders from Your word.  Slow our pace and teach us to gather at Your feet with open eyes – not missing a single truth.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life




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