Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | July 1, 2019

When We Overlook The Obvious

“Hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it.” Proverbs 8:33 (ESV)

Hate to admit it, but I just spent days trying to figure out why I had no audio for anything on my computer. I tried every solution possible. I increased the sound 100% yet could only hear a tiny whisper. Ready to give up, I looked over to where my Bible was on my desk and found the culprit for my sound loss…my headphones were still plugged in. Total frustration wiped out by my own laughter – how could I have overlooked the obvious?

Quite the funny story? Yes. But not so funny if we find our lack of hearing obstructed not by a device but our choice to let selective hearing reign. Bet we’ve all been there when deliberate blockage of what we needed to hear felt better than the sound of truth. Ouch! Yes, moments occur when we chose to ignore, dismiss and turn from the voice we need to heed.

Wonder what God’s been speaking into our hearts lately? Has the truth of His words stirred us toward obedience or have we denied what we didn’t want to do?

Easy to judge other’s obstructions when the finger pointed out should be pointed in. Failing to admit, we attempt to blame anyone and anything for poor choices when we’ve overlooked the obvious – silencing the voice of God removes His blessings.

Yes, we’re all about the benefits and awesomeness of hearing what aligns with our agenda. Obedience isn’t a challenge when it moves us in sync with our plans. But when what we hear seems hard, difficult and contradictory to our perceived “best,” we simply extinguish the sound.

Sweet friend if we truly want His direction, guidance and protection, we must pray for ears that hear, eyes that see and a heart that is willing to be molded towards His ultimate true best. How does our sovereign God speak? Through the unfolding of His word, through godly counsel, through life experiences – God will use whatever it takes to realign our hearing so He can open us up to the divine orchestration of His will.
Whose voice are you listening to? Is it serving you well or placing you in a posture destined for failure, regrets and consequences? Draw near to the One who is already calling your name.

“Father, it so easy to drown out Your voice – to simply unplug from the narrow way when wide seems much better. Help us to cease blocking and tune into Your truth.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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