Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | October 15, 2019

Beyond Our Dreams

“I (Jesus) came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of,” John 10:10b (MSG)

One day my father announced we were going to have a yard sale. I couldn’t believe his treasure trove, the garage, was going to be cleaned out. And the neighbors did not disappoint us. One man was so proud of a gadget he found and declared, “I have been looking for this all of my life.” He asked, “How much is this?” My dad answered, “Four dollars.” The man grunted and then walked on. We still talk about how that man’s dreams could have been met for four dollars, but he turned and walked away.

How many times do we long for a dream such as a husband, a child, a job, or a home? Then one day it is there for our taking and after the, “I do’s, “ changing of the diapers, on our feet for 8 hours, or the pipes burst, we grumble and say, “Humph.” We think we want something but when we get it, we decide we really don’t want it after all.

For years, the Pharisees waited for the coming of the promised Messiah. They preached about it. Prepared for it. Then when Jesus showed up, they turned their backs and probably a “Humph” was heard. God held out His Holy hand with the most magnificent Gift of all time. Love, joy, peace personified in His Son, Jesus Christ. And He is still all we need to make our dreams come true!

“Heavenly Father, You have given me all that I need through Jesus Christ. Please forgive me for turning my back on Your amazing gifts and trying to fill my longings myself. I know that nothing will ever satisfy my desire for peace, love, and joy except Jesus.”

For His Glory

Melissa Tucker
TRBC Women’s Life

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