Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | February 17, 2020

When Unrealistic Slays Us

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope.” Psalm 130:5 (ESV)

It wasn’t supposed to look like this – our expectations were totally off. We’d dreamed, planned and could even envision the perfect outcome. We prayed, waited and hoped. But when the moment arrived (the result we had so anticipated), our expectations screamed unrealistic. Discouragement quickly rose to the surface. Disillusionment seized us – did God hear our prayers? Was He truly interested in the desires of our heart?

Let’s be real here, we’ve all experienced moments which fell majorly short of our desired outcome. And it only takes a second of harsh reality seeping in to slay our spirit. The relationship dissolving right before our eyes. The job opportunity we just knew was ours for the taking goes to someone else. The repeat cancer diagnosis after months of laborious treatment. The prodigal taking one step forward and then ten steps back. Yes, disappointment hits us from all angles…unexpected and unwanted. Leaving us filled with “why” and totally consumed inward.

Now sweet friends, we can stay in this mode of disappointment cherishing our hopelessness indefinitely. Or, we can choose to release our agenda, plans and expectations for God’s greater glory. Scripture reminds us His ways our higher and far more grander than any we could ever imagine (Isaiah 55:9). Our limited perspective of best for us doesn’t even come close to the awesome ways He desires to bless our lives. If He closed the door and whispered no then we can count on Him to have our best interest in mind.

So while we simply readjust, wait and lean in close to our Creator, we purposefully chose to extinguish runaway thoughts attempting to sabotage our hope. We surround ourselves with those who speak truth and encouragement over us. We determine in our hearts to remain faithful even in the wake of whys. We claim His promises and draw strength from His words. We actively move forward in obedience keeping step with the Father who loves us dearly. We examine our dreams and strive to realign our heart with His.

When life doesn’t look the way we intended, we keep our eyes on God and our heart filled with His truth. We wrestle through and never let go trusting in the One who specializes in birthing a greater glory than we could ever imagine.

“Father, when hope flees turn my eyes on You. Discipline my mind to settle for nothing less than Your very best.”

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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