Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | April 24, 2020

When Passion Slips Away

“The precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.” Psalm 19:8 (ESV)

It’s a date I look forward to each week. Me, my friend and her granddaughter diving deep into the book of Proverbs. Just listening to this 10 year old reading God’s word is priceless. Helping her to understand tough passages and cementing God’s truth has kept me on my toes. Easy answers don’t always squelch the curiosity of youth; I absolutely love her passion for studying the scriptures.

Wonder if we approach God’s word with the same enthusiasm and desire to learn? Have to admit, it is much easier to read my quota for the day than slow down and really digest truth. Why? When we glimpse ourselves in the reflection of scripture, we see things in us which need changing and change is hard not easy. So no brainer here – we avoid slow and settle for same instead and the passion slips away.

Embracing tough passages and connecting with truth can be intimidating. Change is hard even if we really desire a renewed us. Habits are difficult to break. Our settled tendency to be satisfied with self “as is” never serves us well.

None of us really want to live in a place of complacency and stagnation. We were designed to flourish and grow which is a direct result of slowly digesting and intentionally applying God’s word. Welcoming the kindness of our God who reveals what needs to go rather than resisting. The One who gently unveils anything which soils our witness and prevents us from bringing glory to God.

Perhaps you find yourself with plenty of downtime on your hands these days; let’s not waste it. Maybe you find yourself overwhelmed with additional responsibilities and challenges; let’s squeeze in tidbits of silence. God has each of us exactly where He wants us. Our world has changed and now is a great time to evaluate where change needs to take place within us. Key principle here is to learn, gain understanding and reflect on how we can be more like Him. Desperate dependence births a renewed desire to walk in sync with the source of our strength – God alone.

This season of our lives too shall pass – let’s be intentional in seeking God and welcome His work within us. It’s a joy we don’t want to miss.

“Father, complete Your work within me. Transform those parts of me which rely on self versus depending on You. Help me to work in conjunction with You to accomplish Your purposes.

For His Glory

Janet Martin
TRBC Women’s Life

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