Posted by: trbccoffeebreak | July 22, 2021

From Strength To Weakness

“God arms me with strength, and He makes my way perfect.” (Psalms 18:32 NLT)

Why would you want to be that? Why would you want to be strong? My, how the Lord had changed my perspective. I remember struggling over the very same issue. Moments of weakness that I wanted to run from drove a need to set aside weak and pick up strong. If only I could.

Barely a teenager, as one parent left and then the other, a teacher declared that one day I would be so strong. I equated that to work, and work I did. Picked up talents that I admired that were never mine to perfect. Studied for career heights that I couldn’t quite grasp. Thought travel, money and title would bring contentment; that didn’t. And with a mess I called my life, behind the façade of strength and accomplishment were disappointment and struggle. Slowly, my empire would tumble. And in the rubble of lost hopes, dreams and plans was my God.

My Bible teaches that God is strong: He is strength in times of trouble; all things are possible; God is the saving refuge of His anointed; vindication is in His strength. As I ran to Him in heart and attitude, I was markedly aware of my weakness. And in time, realized that my weakness was good. Good because it allowed Him to be strong. I was able to set aside my need for strength and rely on His abundant ability to be strength for me. And in His strength was the protection, peace and purpose which was the very place I had longed and searched for so long.

Now, this middle-aged woman sat before me detailing the events of a hard life of lack. She had lost much and found such pride in her strength. But, why would you want to be strong? I knew better. I knew the struggle. I knew the loss. But, I also knew that I am weak. My only strength that is lasting, sure and worthy of mention is the strength of my Creator who knew all about me and still chose to love; love to the point of death. As the world thrust its weaknesses on Him, He chose strength that would last into eternity and be indestructible.

“Father, may I be weak knowing that You are strong. May I let a lost and dying world know the One whose strength is the only answer to sin and selfishness.”

For His Glory

Kathryn Hayman
TRBC Women’s Life


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